fontio: intelligent printing and data management for labels

Innovative, flexible, needs-based: fontio software enables intelligent data management followed by printing self-designed print media, e.g. picture labels, descriptions, advertising flyers and banners.

fontio allows article and media data to be managed, layout templates created and saved, entire series of labels generated with a single click, or even self-printed "in-house" – as needed. Printed products that have been created can also be sent to a printing works for offset or digital printing. Once created, articles can be printed an infinite number of times, because they are saved in the data base. fontio allows the management and printing not only of labels but also of signage, price lists, advertising flyers or banners.

The features of fontio

Data management in a single system

  • Saving all the relevant data about products in a single system
  • Incorporate product data with individually-customised characteristics, and access individual data sets at any time
  • Individual creation of characteristics according to customer's requirements
  • All media at a glance in the easily-understood media management system, without any dispersal into different systems

Print by yourself, easily and quickly

  • Print labels, signage or banners immediately as required
  • Create several hundred printed products, automated with a single click, and save time when modifying layouts 
  • A fast alternative to standard warehouse products
  • Label printing with coloured images
  • Very small print runs of rare items
  • Direct printing or by a printing works – flexible production of selected printed products

Individual customising of printed products

  • Print the company's logo on labels
  • Own layout as a recognition factor for a series of labels
  • Central control of layout templates, e.g. for branches
  • Individual pricing on labels or signage
  • Manage and print own EAN (European Article Number) codes and article numbers

Technical advantages

  • No need to maintain storage capacities
  • Available online at any time
  • Normal hardware is usable (2 GHz, 2 GB of RAM)
  • Usable with a variety of media
  • No installation of fontio on the PC
  • Quick, easy installation of the PrintService module
  • Regular updates without any hidden costs and expenditure of time